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Glasgow girl cartoon

Glasgow Girls Inspire Poetry Bonnie, Bonnie lassie frae Glesca toon starts the first line of a poem by the famous Scots poet Kailyard Stripling. This ode, from the book of poems Hame Thochts Frae Hame, displays the femininity of the average Glasgow girl. It is a perfect picture of how one particular Glasgow girl inspired […]

A Word in Your Eye

My brother-in-law and my sister tell me they want to write a book. And they asked me for some advice. Why not? I’ve had several books published. Though perhaps a vain person—people say I live in vain—I haven’t used vanity publishers. (There’s enough vanity in this world.) And neither should you. Unless, that is, you […]

Kailyard’s contemplations

As well as being a great poet, Kailyard Stripling is also an insightful and prolific philosopher. As his wisdom can be a great boon to humanity, we are including some of his pithy and astute comments, axioms and comments on subjects close to his heart. As money and voluptuous young women are the things closest […]

Blandford’s Bastards

It’s funny how rambling on tipsily can get one (or two, or three or more) off on tangents. Such as using the term “bastard brothers”! That can bring to mind the Bastard Brothers. The ones, that is, of the Dorset town of Blandford Forum. Now that’s a place that is certainly worth a visit, being […]

Drinking with Dostoevsky

I just read an interesting article on a site called The Millions. This article was about Dostoevsky, by a gentleman called Kevin Hartnett. It was an interesting piece as it brought memories of reading Dostoevsky back to mind and endless discussions I had with friends, deceased, diseased and still living—though some are quite healthy. Those […]