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Blandford’s Bastards

The "Corn Exchange" (town hall)

It’s funny how rambling on tipsily can get one (or two, or three or more) off on tangents. Such as using the term “bastard brothers”! That can bring to mind the Bastard Brothers. The ones, that is, of the Dorset town of Blandford Forum. Now that’s a place that is certainly worth a visit, being a lovely English town.

Now if there’s something I’ll grudgingly give the English, it’s that they have lovely towns. Blandford Forum, then, is no exception.

There was a famous fire there on 4th June 1731. Interestingly, it happened after another one in 1713. The latter was started by an apprentice boiling fat to

Plan showing the devastation of the fire of 17...

Image via Wikipedia

make soap. Or maybe it was soup. Some folk probably called him a stupid bastard to differentiate between the clumsy apprentice and the two famous local architects.

One of the Bastard Brother’s houses–John’s–still stands in the main street, otherwise known as Market Place. Better still, so do the buildings of their creations, the Red Lion and The Greyhound inns. Whether they still function as drinking dens, I honestly do not have a Scooby. But I will let you know if I ever get there. There is a possiblility as I often visit Hampshire and then go over to Devon on my visits Down South. Dorset, as you may or may not know, is somewhere between those counties.

Another thing I’ll give the English is that their drinking dens are the greatest in the world. That’s not just my opinion. I know plenty of others who agree with me. What is wrong with the BBC, other than the obvious, that they have never done a series on English Inns and Taverns? They’ll be sorry if they all burn down and we have no record of them.


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