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Kailyard’s contemplations

As well as being a great poet, Kailyard Stripling is also an insightful and prolific philosopher. As his wisdom can be a great boon to humanity, we are including some of his pithy and astute comments, axioms and comments on subjects close to his heart. As money and voluptuous young women are the things closest to his heart we will not include his comments on them on this blog, as they are not usually people’s idea of having anything to do with philsophy. Below is our first instalment of examples of his sagacious statements.

the sailor in 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands

Image via Wikipedia

It’s better to be in the army than the navy, especially when the ships sink.

It’s better to be in the army than in the air force. It’s a lot easier to fire a missile at a plane than at a single person. Besides, it would be too costly to fire missiles at single people.

It’s better to be a civilian than in the army as there’s less chance of being killed. Unless, of course, in peacetime. Then you’ve got a good chance of being run over by traffic.

Peacetime is a good time to be a sailor or a shepherd because there’s little chance of sailors or shepherds getting run over by traffic.


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