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More thoughts of Kailyard Stripling

A copy of Auguste Rodin's The Thinker at the K...

While it is true that a ton of feathers is the same weight as a ton of bricks, it’s better to have a ton of feathers fall on your head from a great height than a ton of bricks.

If you had nothing to talk about if you weren’t complaining, maybe it’s best that you just don’t talk.

If you have bad breath and/or B O and/or stinking feet, don’t worry about it. It’s only other people it sickens. You won’t even notice it.

If your feet are dirty it’s a good idea to wash them, even if you only have cold water.

If there’s a drought on it’s better to drink the water first  then wash with what’s left. For one thing it wouldn’t taste nice if you did it the other way around.


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