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Problems with my problems.

You have problems (I hope), I have problems, we all have problems (I still hope). At least, I hope everyone else has problems because it means that I’m not alone–though many people are convinced I ought to be. Well, maybe not so much the  many as rather my family and those who think they’re unfortunate enough to know me well.

You see, I have problems with procrastination. Not so much my own as other people’s.

Mind you, it’s my own procrastination that makes other people feel they’re unfortunate to know me. And that bothers me because if they start taking it seriously they may start avoiding me. That means I will have less people to borrow money from and that is never a good thing unless they expect to have it paid back. Paying back is something I always tend to procrastinate about unless it’s paying back an insult or bad turn.

But, generally, I don’t mind my own procrastination because it’s worth the risk of people taking it seriously because they are never likely to. For example, my procrastination can be a boon to them when when–ach, I’ll tell you about that later. (If you’re lucky.) It’s too bothersome to go into now.

But other people’s procrastination can be infuriating. Like for instance when they promise to take you for a drink, a meal, a night at the theatre, a free run, and so on. And you’re left still waiting.

It’s like this blog. I even keep putting off getting on this thing! I mean I really want to. But… well–I’ll get around to explaining that at a better time. I mean, people have told me they’ll get onto it and I do intend to get back to them but rarely ever do. It’s not that I forget. It’s just that I keep putting it off.

Sorry and all that but it’s nothing personal.

But procrastination has it’s good points.

You see, I had problems spelling procrastination for years. I used to wonder: Is it procastination, procastrination, procrastrination or procrastination? I was kinda sure there was an r in the word somewhere. But not too sure.  And I was kinda sure–but again not too sure–if it was after the c or maybe after the st. But I kept procrastinating about doing something about it.

Then, as I thought I’d best make an attempt to get back to this blog in case, miraculously, someone did want to read it, I could get back on it and have the decency to apologize and explain my procrastination. And this is where procrastination has a good point–when it comes to helping to correct spelling. At least, the spelling of procrastinate and procrastination!

It made me sit down with a dictionary and write out procrastination about ten minutes back. So each time I had to type in the word again I looked at the previous procrastination till I got to the forth or fifth one and then I now know where the r goes without having to think about it. And, of course, it works for procrastinate too now that I know that the r comes after the c.

You see, you yourself have learnt a lesson there even if you already were able to spell procrastination. You’ll see that it can work with any word you have problems with. And if you couldn’t spell procrastination before, you now can!

Am I saying that procrastrination in itself can be a boon? I’ll tell you about that one some other time–if I get around to it.


One comment on “Problems with my problems.

  1. Great lesson! Now try it with “fourth”. 🙂

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