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Hi, I’ve been a Jack of all shades–cloakroom attendent, cartoonist, barman, actor, puppeteer, dock gateman, scriptwriter, dishwasher, fairground assistant, art dealer, van driver, journalist, columnist, editor, grocer, glass engraver, antiques dealer, publisher, private tutor (in Gaelic & Spanish), tutor in literacy, carer–though not quite in that order. I also spied for the Russians (but that was in a play I wrote which was never staged).
Needless to say, I am a writer, but I’m saying it anyway. I write to instruct and amuse (though my wife would say infuriate) my readers. She is probably right as I purposefully infuriate those who deserve to be infuriated. As a misogynist that would include most of the inhuman race.
Only kidding. There are nice folks out there–my wife (Julie), Rosie (our cat) and yours gingerly are proof!
My favourite poet is Kailyard Stripling. If you’ve never read his work you should be thankf–I mean sorrowful–because he is the greatest poet ever. I know so for a fact because he told me so himself. So I will plug him on my blog. And I don’t mean with bullets.
I write serious stuff, some of which is now out of print and comes up on Amazon. Though, now out of print, they should soon be on Kindle
Julie, who is an illustrator and painter, and has illustrated some of my published books, has designed covers for my e-books. She also keeps me sane when it comes to computing, being the expert in all that stuff. It gives me the sceaming habdabs.
Where would she be without me?


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