The Joy of Trees

Over a decade ago I wrote an article called Consider the Tree. It amused my wife, Julie—a landscape painter—as I couldn’t tell the difference between a copper beech and a sandy one! But my article wasn’t on the trees themselves. It dealt with what trees actually produce. And when you think about it trees do […]

Problems with my problems.

You have problems (I hope), I have problems, we all have problems (I still hope). At least, I hope everyone else has problems because it means that I’m not alone–though many people are convinced I ought to be. Well, maybe not so much the  many as rather my family and those who think they’re unfortunate […]

Men Shopping

The piece below is from my new e-book What Every Woman Needs to Know About MEN SHOPPING! I’m a man who’s shopped so I know what I’m talking about. All you women out there need to know what we go through. So do all of you men who have never shopped. Experience is the best […]

More thoughts of Kailyard Stripling

While it is true that a ton of feathers is the same weight as a ton of bricks, it’s better to have a ton of feathers fall on your head from a great height than a ton of bricks. If you had nothing to talk about if you weren’t complaining, maybe it’s best that you […]

Glasgow girl cartoon

Glasgow Girls Inspire Poetry Bonnie, Bonnie lassie frae Glesca toon starts the first line of a poem by the famous Scots poet Kailyard Stripling. This ode, from the book of poems Hame Thochts Frae Hame, displays the femininity of the average Glasgow girl. It is a perfect picture of how one particular Glasgow girl inspired […]

A Word in Your Eye

My brother-in-law and my sister tell me they want to write a book. And they asked me for some advice. Why not? I’ve had several books published. Though perhaps a vain person—people say I live in vain—I haven’t used vanity publishers. (There’s enough vanity in this world.) And neither should you. Unless, that is, you […]

Kailyard’s contemplations

As well as being a great poet, Kailyard Stripling is also an insightful and prolific philosopher. As his wisdom can be a great boon to humanity, we are including some of his pithy and astute comments, axioms and comments on subjects close to his heart. As money and voluptuous young women are the things closest […]