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Men shopping

Men Shopping

What Every Woman Needs to Know About MEN SHOPPING… is something we ALL need to know about the suffering men go through when they shop.

This e-book is not only for wives, mothers, mothers-in-law, partners, fiancées and girlfriends of every nation, race, religion and condition but a reminder to men of how lucky they are if they have someone to do their shopping.

And if your woman doesn’t know how much you loathe shopping, now’s the time to give her a hint. Put her on to this e-book. It’s the perfect anniversary, Mother’s day, valentine or Christmas gift.

Or if you’re a woman it makes an equal gift for men.  You can show him you know how he’s suffering but he’s still gonna do the weekly shopping with you. What better way to rub it in.

Or you can show him what a blessing he’s got in you by letting him off the hook with the shopping. Either way, you win.

MEN SHOPPPING is a Seinfeldesque view of men doing the thing they hate most and do worst and is illustrated with the author’s cartoons.


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