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Trade Secrets

Trade Secrets will show you what art & antiques dealers don’t want you to know about their business and what makes it function.

It’llshow you why honest and reputable dealers don’t want you to know these things. How they buy at the cheapest prices.

When and when not to buy. How to tell expert dealers from chancers. How dealers can tell instantly whether you’re a con-man, greenhorn or a dupe. How to earn their respect.

Find out how you can become an expert on antiques so that experts would know it.

Learn how to spot honest from dishonest auctioneers and protect yourself from being diddled.

What sleepers are and how to find them. Prevent your opponents from knowing the sleepers exist. The tricks some devious bidders get up to.

Telling the difference between copies, repros and fakes. And much more.


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